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Our history curriculum allows children to develop a chronologically secure knowledge and understanding of local, British, and world history.  

The children will learn about fascinating ancient civilisations, the expansion and dissolutions of empires, and the achievements and atrocities committed by humankind across the ages. The PKC history curriculum is balanced to enable children to look in some depth at local, national and world history, encouraging children to explore the connection between significant events and people and how they have influenced the modern world. 

Our curriculum aims to introduce children to a wide variety of people from the past. From Aristotle and Martin Luther King to Emmeline Pankhurst and Alan Turning—studying the lives of the widely venerated as well as the lives of the less well-known offers pupils’ rich insights into life during key historical periods. 

Furthermore, our curriculum aims to develop disciplinary knowledge by supporting children to understand how the past is constructed and contested. Disciplinary concepts, such as continuity and change, cause and consequence and similarity, difference, and significance, are explored in every unit, and children are supported to think outside of their current unit of work and apply these concepts across the curriculum. 

We aim to ignite children’s love for history through our carefully sequenced curriculum and prepare them with the essential knowledge and skills they need to study Key Stage 3 and beyond. 

 Wood End Primary School History Curriculum

 Autumn 1Autumn 2Spring 1Spring 2Summer 1Summer 2
Year 1




Discovering History



Kings, Queens &



Parliament & 

Prime Ministers

Year 2 

The Romans in



The Tudors



Powerful Voices


Year 3

Stone-Age to




Ancient Egypt




Part 1: Anglo Saxons,

Vikings & Scots


Part 2: Anglo Saxons,

Vikings & Scots

Law and Power

The Wars of the 


Year 4

Ancient Greece 1

Ancient Greece 2


Life in Ancient Rome

The Rise and Fall

of Rome

The Stuarts 1


The Stuarts 2


Year 5

Baghdad AD900

The Early British


The French


Transatlantic Slave


Industrial Revolution


The Victorians

Year 6

World War 1



The Suffragettes


The Rise of Hitler

and WW2

WW2 & The


The Cold War


History of Human Rights